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Monday Terrain Corner

Monday again? I guess we're gonna do this. Hopefully, it won't be so bad. Yeah. That's what we need! Optimism! This week is going to be just fine! I had D&D yesterday and we're playing again next weekend, so that's great. And while we're playing online, someday I hope we'll play in person again. And when we do, we'll want our tables to look good. So, with that in mind, let's see what's in the Terrain Corner.

Dreadgrove 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

We are 3DRogue, a small team of tabletop enthusiasts and 3D printing professionals. Our goal is to create high quality models that work well on any 3D printer and are easy to make tabletop ready. Our models enable anyone to create exciting battle maps that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The Dreadgrove set is:

  •     36 Parts: Finely textured trees, detailed scatter terrain, and large, multi-part set pieces.
  •     Printable Battle Map: All Pledges include files for the modular, printable, forest battle-map.
  •     Memorable Experiences: Create beautiful boards and interesting encounters with cover, verticality, and more strategic depth to immerse players.
  •     Available as printed pieces or .STLs: Backing tiers available for easy-to-print .stl files and fully printed kits.
  •     Easy To Paint: Each model is expertly sculpted to make painting as easy and quick as possible while achieving beautiful results.
  •     Designed with Printing in Mind: All models fit even small 3D printers, print without support, and have been rigorously tested for reliable printing.

Dungeons & Taverns 3D Print Terrain Tiles Up On Kickstarter

in this campaign you will gain control over printing your world whenever you need a bigger tavern or room...just print a crazy dungeon idea?...PRINT IT

These tiles are all 1inch by 1inch spaced. if you feel you wont need magnets to keep the tiles together on the table then you can get them all as just the tiles. HOWEVER if you want that next level for your tiles you can opt to get the tiles with a space for magnets of this size;

Sci-Fi Desert Village 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to this Kickstarter where you can pay what you want for these Sci-Fi Desert Village 2 STL Files. You can get it for only $1 or if you are feeling generous you can pay more if you think it is worth more.

3D Print Fantasy Dice Towers Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to The Triad ! This campaign features 3 Unique Dice Towers +Stretch Goal Towers Every 10K!(with a 5 tower guarantee,regardless if we hit the stretch goals or not). We've taken everything we've learned from the last tower campaigns and created - The Triad.