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Monday Terrain Corner

Monday again. We knew it would happen eventually. I hope your weekend went well. Mine was good. Had a lazy Saturday and a good D&D session on Sunday. And this will be a short week work-wise, which is also good to look forward to. But, Monday being Monday, we need to make your gaming table look good. Quick one today, but still, let's see what's in the Terrain Corner.

Debbie's Diner 3D Print Terrain Up On Kickstarter

This is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT campaign. You can pay as low as $1 for the base model or pay a little extra to get the all you can eat buffet. Either way all contributions are much appreciated! 

The assets are worth more than $1 for sure but I am doing this because im starting my miniature businness. And after having a really succesfull first campaign (thanks guys!) I want my models to reach as much people as possible.

Debbie's Diner is my second project in 28/32mm abandoned - vintage - stylized (if that is even a thing?) terrain and more is planned in the months to come. The idea is to bring every building in Quiet Ville to life, which will happen eventually (still trying to decide if I release them one at a time or I take the time to make a whole set), but every building will come soon enough. Every building will showcase a "darkest secret" area. Join me in exploring Quiet Ville darkest secrets!