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Monday Terrain Corner

I didn't have the best weekend. Just didn't feel well and even missed gaming on Sunday because of it. While there's no such thing as a "do over" like that, I am hoping that this week can go by calmly and I can get back to another weekend and, while I can't exactly get a chance to do anything again like before, at least I can try and make this one better. And making your gaming tables look better makes me feel better. So, let's get to it. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Log Storage Shed With 3 Alternate Roofs Available from Acheson Creations

Acheson Creations Sale extended through 30th April. 20% off all unpainted products...40% for Club members

Log Storage Shed w/ 3 Alternate Roofs

- Hand Painted $58.99USD - painted, $31.19 unpainted (Sale Price)

Log Cabin w/ 3 Different Roofs (28mm)

- Hand Painted $58.99USD - painted, $31.19 unpainted (Sale Price)

More Cyber 2.0 Kits Available From TTCombat

Its Friday, Cyber 2.0 has landed with a whole bunch of new Cyber goodies. These releases are coming in fast, feels like I only wrote last weeks post a day ago!

Nonetheless, when we said last week we were expanding the cyber range, we meant it! Barricades, Interdimensional portals, dice towers and more, we have got you covered!

M3Studios Foggy Island Terrain Kickstarter Running Now

M3Studios' 8th Kickstarter Foggy Island is LIVE now.

 This 32mm scaled set of seaside themed terrain fits perfectly with Fallout Wasteland Warfare, 7TV, Chtulhu or modern tabletop games. The tall buildings give vantage points over the table, while many smaller pieces provide good scatter terrain to protect the advance of your minis.

 With the Lighthouse, the Pier and its Shacks as well as its House and Garage and so much more, build a complete Seaside themed table for your gaming! 

 The campaign already has six unlocked Stretch Goals and is well on its way to the seventh! Make sure to grab your free models when you visit!