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Monday Terrain Corner

We're back to Monday. It was bound to happen since time is experienced linearly. I had a good weekend. I sorta discombobulated my DM by, instead of going A, B, C, D, like they were expecting with their plans, I jumped right from A to D. So, that was a thing. They'll be taking this week to basically figure out what's next. And we're going to take the next moment to give you a quick Terrain Corner.

New MDF Terrain Available From TTCombat

We’re back to MDF releases, and we’ve got a lot to show!

Welcome to the first MDF release of the year! We have wood arranged in all different shapes and sizes. Who wants to see?

It’s an Industrial Hive sort of week, and we have three massive new Sector 4 complexes, as well as our cool new gubbinz.