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Monday Terrain Corner

And back to Monday. And we have a new month upon us as well. Welcome to November. It's going to certainly be quite a month, that's for sure. Well, let's start it off with making sure your gaming tables look good. Today in the Terrain Corner we have:

Dungenerator Map Cards Up On Kickstarter

The DUNGENERATOR is a deck of cards that randomly generates organic dungeons!

You remember that stress dream? The one where you show up to run a game of your favorite dungeon-crawling RPG and realize you've done no preparation? Your players begin to thumb idly at their phones as you glance around the room for inspiration. Where did your pants go?

The DUNGENERATOR is here to help! It's useful for tabletop roleplayers that want a fresh dungeon quickly, without having to sketch a layout or rely upon static maps. Each room in the dungeon it generates includes interesting visual prompts, so you can plop your players into a "generic dungeon" and come out with a unique, satisfying session! It cannot help with the pants.

It features 52 double-sided, poker-sized room cards with over 60 pieces of full-color, hand-inked art by me, ROLLINKUNZ! I've labored for a while (some have said too long) on these puppies, because this is my first Kickstarter, and I really want to make sure these are as special as I know they can be!

Modular Medieval Europe Architectural Model Kits Up On Kickstarter

Detailed gaming terrain exponentially increases the immersion factor of tabletop games.

However, not everyone has the time or skills to craft their own terrain, and commercially available terrain can be notoriously difficult and time-consuming to build and paint! Not to mention the vague instructions that come along with the kits simply serve to increase frustration and prolong the build.

At I Built It, we aim to change that!