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Monday Terrain Corner

And we've made our way back to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was fairly uneventful. Though I did start working on my own homemade fermented hot sauce and made some shortbread cookies. No D&D, but I have two games scheduled this upcoming weekend. So, that'll be fun. In the meantime, we need to get your gaming tables looking good. So, let's head to the Terrain Corner and see what we can find.

The Tower Available to Pre-Order From WizKids

Towers are the archetypical location for adventure, and WizKids new tower set piece is an awesome way to add more depth to your game. Whether you are exploring the ruins of a long-forgotten tower along the Sword Coast or stumbling into the domain of an eccentric wizard, The Tower can help you elevate your game to the next level and bring a sense of immersion to every player at the table. With its modular design and easily removable layers, you can customize its appearance to meet whatever goals you have for your play experience!

The Tower features removable windows, buttresses, stairs, and floors, and can be split into three levels for ease of play. Additionally, the tower also features three double-sided floor tiles, with a gridded and non-gridded version, so you can further customize your play experience. Each floor of the tower is balanced so that it can sit on the table on its own, allowing you to set up each floor ahead of time and reveal them to the table when the time is right. The buttresses on the ground floor can be removed or rearranged to suit your needs, as can the windows and skylight on the upper floors and roof of the tower. Your players can rappel through the broken glass atop the tower or climb through a destroyed window in order to stealthily enter a decrepit ruin. They can even march right up to the iron doors of a fastidiously maintained tower. The roleplaying opportunities afforded by the modular tower allow you to craft any number of unique encounters for your adventuring party!

Lands of Mars Game Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

For all the players that need a wargaming tabletop to set fights on the sands and canyons of the Red Planet, Pwork Wargames presents the new game mat design Lands of Mars

Prepare your armies of miniatures to battle across the craters and the canyons of Mars, the Red Planet, on an alien ground of reddish sands and rock debris, an ideal landscape to set Sci-Fi battlefields, for large battles or skirmish fights!

Are you ready to battle?

Like all the other products of the Battle Mats range of Pwork Wargames, this awesome new release is resistant, practical and easy to store: the best solutions to turn your tabletop into a real battlefield.

Are you ready to battle?