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Monday Terrain Corner

And back to Monday. Gaming this weekend was alright for me. Saturday's was interrupted by a power outage for a while. Hard to play online when you ain't got no power. Sunday tried to do me in as well with the internet rebooting mid-game. Just reminds me that I really can't wait to be able to play in person again. Well, maybe in 20201 (not a typo). In the meantime, we can still work on getting our gaming tables looking great.

Today in the Terrain corner we have: Nomadic Caravan Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Ordus Station Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Battlefield Objectives Up On Kickstarter, and WizKids Taking Pre-Orders for New Terrain Packs.

Nomadic Caravan Terrain Up On Kickstarter

After nearly two months of hard work I am proud to present to you the Nomadic Caravan Project, which is a collection of wagons, tents, fire camp and various props for different characters that travel around a challenging world facing hardships. Each character has their own unique backstory.

Ordus Station Sci-Fi Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Ordus station is the first phase of an off world colony on the edge of the outer rim. 

The customisable facility includes a range of detailed, sci-fi structures & modular habs that feature futuristic connecting airlocks, computer consoles, industrial piping and ventilation, blast doors, hatches, rivets, cables and much more. These structures can be joined in any order for a unique set-up such as a sprawling, interconnected colony or smaller, individual buildings.

The interlocking walls and gates can be fitted together in numerous configurations as the pieces have a variety of height and length. The removable gates include a laser fence, boom gate and doors. No clips or fiddly pieces required.

Battlefield Objectives Up On Kickstarter

Show your battle field dominance

Don't just stand next to Objectives - Show your armies battlefield dominance by planting your flag, raising an evil icon, harvesting energy or ...growing a tentacle spore pod thingy....

This kickstarter is for a new style of objective marker. Each set of 40mm diameter objectives numbered 1 to 6 have a receiver that allows insertion of flags or marker tokens to clearly show who is in control of what objectives

See the battle unfold at a glance!

Cast down your enemies flags when you storm their lines!

Display your prowess by raising your flags all over the battlefield!

WizKids Taking Pre-Orders for New Terrain Packs

WizKids 4D™ Settings are scenes that offer more than just pre-painted miniatures for you, they offer exciting new play experiences and storytelling narratives!