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Monday Terrain Corner

It was inevitable. Like sands through an hourglass, these are the Mondays of our lives. The weekend is over. The work week is here again. But we'll get to another weekend eventually. And hopefully we'll get some gaming in when that happens. And if so, we'll want some good-looking gaming tables. Let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: WarLock Terrain Tiles Available From WizKids and Mantic Taking Pre-Orders for New TerrainCrate Sets.

WarLock Terrain Tiles Available From WizKids

We encourage you to shop local whenever you can, but we understand that with the re-opening status varying state by state, many of you are unable to get to your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). We’ve expanded our offerings at our WizKids Store for those of you without a place to go for games.

Mantic Taking Pre-Orders for New TerrainCrate Sets

The apocalypse is almost here - and no, we're not just referring to 2020. In just over a week the new range of modern, post-apocalyptic TerrainCrate scenery will be shipping from the Mantic website. In the range you'll find everything you need for modern skirmish games, including a mall, abandoned factory, hospital, office and campsite. Of course, they're all perfect for The Walking Dead but they're also great for a whole bunch of other games too. Pre-order now, using the link below, or read on to find out more...