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Monday Terrain Corner

Monday. And it's being a very Monday-Monday. Woke up to water dripping from my bedroom ceiling. We'll see how long it takes maintenance to come out and see why I suddenly have a new shower fixture where there generally isn't one. Yeah, that's fun. So, my bedroom has had a slight change in terrain. Let's get your game table a change in terrain that isn't so... dramatic.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Gaming Mats Available From TTCombat and New Realm of Beasts Game Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio

New Gaming Mats Available From TTCombat

It’s been a long time since new releases, and a long time waiting for these.

It’s great to be back to releasing new stuff again, we’ve been working hard on trying to keep everything running here at TTCombat and we’re back at the point we can release new stuff. With so many staff working from home, all keeping socially distanced in the offices, it’s certainly been different, but we’ve worked through it all.

As we teased on Tuesday. We are finally releasing our own Gaming Mats for people to use in their games. Made from Neoprene they are flexible and very hard wearing so can be folded up and used time and time again. Perfect for playing games anywhere you like!

All come with their own storage and carry bag too. So they are easily and safely transported and stored.

New Realm of Beasts Game Mat Available From Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Following Warhammer worlds steps, the new Realm of Beasts game mat has just seen the daylight. Immerse yourself in the battles of orcs, ogres and monsters, clashing continuously in the untamed lands. Design boasts exciting visuals, special techniques to transform the background into a live battlefield and… Bones. A serious amount of bones to remind that you wandered too far from the safe path. Count them all at – home of game mats.