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Monday Terrain Corner

And we've swung back around to Monday. I had a great weekend of gaming, playing D&D both Saturday and Sunday. Good campaigns, both of them. One was actually started because if we're playing D&D online anyway, the DM figured she could call up a bunch of friends that live all over and see if they wanted to play. So, it's letting her game with some friends she's always wanted to game with, but distance has made it difficult. So, at least something good is coming from being inside. But, eventually, we will get back to going out and gaming in person. And when that happens, you'll want your gaming tables to look good. We've got some terrain stories for you, as usual, all hailing from the world of crowdfunding. If you want to get in on these, better hurry, as they're almost over.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Roads to Adventure Primitive Roads Up On Kickstarter, 28mm Palm Trees Up On Kickstarter, and Hexton Hills Campaign Tiles Up On Kickstarter.

Roads to Adventure Primitive Roads Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to " Roads to Adventure," a fantasy Kickstarter featuring STL designs for 3D printable roads, trails,  and scatter terrain. This is GameScape3d's 6th Kickstarter and  our most straight forward print and play design. Specifically the core design requires little to no assembly and features 100% support free printing.  "Roads to Adventure" features 4 diverse primitive road designs that will offer something for everyone. This is a 3 week campaign with a $10 consumer level buy in. Stretchgoals will double the already generous assets being offered.

28mm Palm Trees Up On Kickstarter

Hexton Hills Campaign Tiles Up On Kickstarter

Hexton Hills is a collection of 70 unique pre-tested .stl files for 3D printers. These interlocking tiles are designed to cover a range of uses and interests, involving (but not limited to) world-building, tabletop roleplaying, wargaming and boardgames.