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Monday Terrain Corner

And we've circled back around to Monday. Ok, so it's not most people's favorite day, but waddyagonnado? We gotta get through it before we can make our way into the rest of the week. It'll be alright. Anyway, as always, we're here on Mondays to make sure your gaming tables look good, and while most places have had to shut down, Acheson Creations is still cranking out new releases.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Acheson Open For Business, 20% Sale Continues.

Acheson Open For Business, 20% Sale Continues

Acheson Creations is open for business and being a one person operation I do not expect to close due to the Convir-19 virus so please continue to place your orders during our sale that lasts through the 19th of April as I am shipping orders most days of the week and expect to continue to do so...and again thank you for your business during what is a difficult time for the nation.

* No sale code is required as prices shown are 20% off for duration of the sale and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. Join our club for $30.00 for a year and get the extra discount during the sale.

* New additional products will be launched also during the month long sale.

We continue to introduce accessories, here is Wave #13 -

Non-Sale Prices (you will see these 20-40% off when viewed online) -
Easter Island Statue ruin $5.00USD
Middle Eastern Wall Ruin #2 $2.00USD
Wooden Box w/ Head $1.00USD
5 African Masks $1.00USD
African Mask & 2 pots $1.00USD

And selling more books from Craig’s collection - at 20-40% off -