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Monday Terrain Corner

Monday. No, most people aren't the biggest fans of it. I don't think it's all that bad. But I like what I do during the week. Hopefully you do as well. And, coming up this weekend is another D&D session. My bard has convinced the rest of the group that we should throw a 3-day party in the town we just saved. Of course, his real goal is to draw 3 days of revenue from the bar that didn't let him play when he first got to town. He's vindictive like that. And when we play D&D, we use maps. I'm sure you probably do, too. So, let's help out with some gaming mats for you.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Vinyl Battle Mats Up On Kickstarter, Mammoth Maps RPG Maps Up On Kickstarter, and WarDrumRPG Running Maps Sale.

Vinyl Battle Mats Up On Kickstarter

Hey Backers!  Hope everything is good for you, we are back with a new project that is very exciting ! Battle mats!

High Quality 15 oz vinyl of many different sizes, from small to huge and with a great variety.

What are these maps capable of?

Vinyl Maps - These maps are printed on 15 oz vinyl with a 300 DPI Resolutions, so they will not, tear, combust bend, crease, or shrink, like paper or other material could do.

Scale/size/grids –The Maps are sized in inches and scaled at 1 square = 1 inch same for hexes or you could choose to have them plain with no grids or hexes. This should be compatible with most tabletop RPGs and 28mm miniatures games, 1 square is equivalent to 5 feet.

Wet Erase-able – Any non-permanent pens on these will work perfectly all the time and are easy to erase.

Resistant - These maps are waterproof and liquid resistant.

Mammoth Maps RPG Maps Up On Kickstarter

Mammoth Maps

  •  Huge: 1 x 2 meters / 3.28 x 6.56 ft / 39.37 x 78.74 inch.
  •  Durable: Strong, scratch- and spill resistant .014 inch/0.35mm thick PVC material.
  •  Cuttable: By (sharp) scissors or knife to fit even the weirdest shape of tables.
  •  Re-writable: Includes 2 special chalk markers for drawing or writing on the maps.
  •  Double-sided: So instead of one, you have 2 maps available at anytime! 

WarDrumRPG Running Maps Sale

Hey there, the Epic Isometric Mega bundle is 75% off for our annual big sale over at drivethrurpg.

It is 5 years worth of content and isometric material for $30 so I hope you dig it. We are a small team (my wife and I + a studio cat.) The d&d community has been super supportive of the material and we are eternally grateful.