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Monday Terrain Corner

Monday. I know most people aren't fans of it. I wouldn't mind still being in bed, but waddyagonnado? Ah well, it's a new week full of new possibilities. And I finally have D&D upcoming this weekend (we had to miss last session due to players being out of town). So that'll be good. I hope you've got some good games lined up. And if you do, you'll want your table to look good. Quick Terrain Corner for you today.

We have: Acheson Accessories for January 2020 - The Fifth Wave

Acheson Accessories for January 2020 - The Fifth Wave

Here are the next 5 new accessories. Dan of Armory Hobbies will have all these new releases in the accessory range at the Jackson Toy Show, February 1, 2020, so if you are near, go and see them!

Kirk and Jim of Miniature Building Authority thank all those who saw them at the Siege of Augusta this past weekend

28mm - Industrial Gears, large $2.00USD
15mm Circular Sandbag/Timber Position $2.00USD
Lab Tanks $1.00USD
Wicker Siege Mantlet $1.00USD
Crockery Cupboard $1.00USD