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Monday Terrain Corner

I'm excited. Are you excited? You should be excited, at least if you're here in the US. Why should you be excited? Because! It's the best week ever! It's Thanksgiving week! I have most of my ingredients already purchased. I'm trying a new recipe for my turkey this year. We'll see how it goes. But, in the meantime, we need to make your gaming table look as good as your Thanksgiving table.

Today the Terrain Corner is the home of TTCombat and the tons of terrain they've got available now.

Death Quadrant Now Available From TTCombat


From the post:

There’s ANOTHER new Industrial Complex today!

It’s new release day at TTCombat, and we have so much new stuff to show you. Any fans of Sci-Fi Gothic are in for a real treat, as are any people who enjoy playing in the Industrial Hive.