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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday. But it's also Veteran's Day. As the son of a veteran, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all those that serve.

So, when playing with your toy soldiers (whether you're a real soldier or not), you want your game tables to look good. So, let's make sure that's what's happening.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Pipes Terrain Available From TTCombat and Pre-Order Black Seas Scenery Pack.

New Pipes Terrain Available From TTCombat


We’re lifting the veil on another new Industrial Sector!

Alright, it’s not so much a veil as a window since we already teased a bunch of things on Tuesday, but it’s still an exciting time!

A few weeks ago we released the Sector Nihilus – a brand new type of scenery for the Industrial Hive. Today we’re releasing five kits for the brand new Sector 4!

Sector 4 looks very similar to a lot of the Industrial Hive range, and – as with every other set in the range – is completely modular and compatible with every other kit in the Industrial Hive. Sector 4 however also adds in a pipe network, which can be used to connect all the kits together.

Pre-Order Black Seas Scenery Pack

You’ll find within the box plenty to add variety to your games of Black Seas. Rocks of various shapes and sizes can provide tricky obstacles to negotiate with your vessels. They are also capable of blocking line of sight – a wily Captain, should his sailing be savvy enough, can use them to stalk an enemy in relative safety before pouncing upon his prey. But be careful not to collide. They are particular use in Scenario 11 (Page 48 of the Black Seas Rulebook).

Sinking vessels can lend a game an extra layer of authenticity. Use them to replace your own ships as they fall in battle. Wrecks are treated the same as rocks, as such a sinking vessel can provide a sudden and unexpected obstacle for either side to negotiate. Alternatively, they could be used as the objective for a scenario – to rescue a crew or a valuable cargo.

Fortifications are a significant part of a number of scenarios in the book, such as scenario 7 – Coastal Raid (Page 44 of the Black Seas Rulebook). Martello towers were a common sight along the British coastline and employed a 360-degree arc of fire – a formidable coastal defence. Also included are gun emplacements and a lighthouse.