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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday. And it's right after the time-change here in the States. I know we're supposed to have gotten an extra hour of sleep, but dang, I was having a hell of a time getting out of bed this morning. Then, I over-compensated by putting on classical music and now I'm pumped.
"But PB! Classical music is all boring and stuff!"
To that, I say to you that my neck is currently sore because I was headbanging too much to this: In the Hall of the Mountain King, among others. Anyway, enough about that and on to a quick Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Roman Watchtower Available From Warlord Games

Roman Watchtower Available From Warlord Games

Keep a lookout for enemy troops with the Roman Watchtower from Sarissa Precision, ideal for the battlefields of both SPQR and Hail Caesar.

The Romans built numerous towers as part of a system of communications, one example being the towers along Hadrian’s Wall in Britain. They also built many lighthouses, such as the Tower of Hercules in northern Spain, which survives to this day as a working building, and the equally famous lighthouse at Dover Castle, which today exists as a ruin at around half of its original height.

Roman soldiers were known to have been distributed in very small detachments of no more than 10 men and assigned to watchtowers that ran along roads or ridges. The military value of this is questionable as any significant force was sure to overwhelm such a small defence. However, such a scenario is perfect to explore within the skirmish format of SPQR.

The Sarissa Roman Watchtower is highly convenient for tabletop warfare. The roof can be removed to access the interior, allowing for a more immersive battlefield.