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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday again. ... Anyone else having trouble getting this week going? I seem to be at that phase. I mean. I woke up and now I'm here typing up news stories... but yeah... I hope I can get things rolling here soon.

Anyway, seeing as it's Monday, we should probably try and make your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Temple of Chaos Terrain Up On Kickstarter and Isometric Map-Making Software Up On Kickstarter.

Temple of Chaos Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Please help us bring a new fresh theme of products to reality. We want to release these 28mm scale miniature bases and terrain to market and onto your tables!

Isometric Map-Making Software Up On Kickstarter

Rather than develop entirely new software specifically for isometric mapping, which would result in much greater cost to backers, I will instead be adding isometric support to my existing MapForge mapping software (see the next section if you're not familiar with it).

MapForge has thus far been limited to top-down tactical-scale battlemaps, and more recently, expanded to also excel at hex-based area/regional maps. This campaign seeks to broaden MapForge's current areas of mapping expertise by adding isometric mapping to its repertoire. Namely, by adding new features such as a highly configurable isometric grid overlay, a snap-to-ISO-grid function, and automatic z-ordering of map elements.


  heruca at 4 days ago
By request, five new limited-availability pledge levels have been added to the Isometric Kickstarter campaign: Also, make sure you've watched the new project videos!