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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday again. ... Anyone else having trouble getting this week going? I seem to be at that phase. I mean. I woke up and now I'm here typing up news stories... but yeah... I hope I can get things rolling here soon.

Anyway, seeing as it's Monday, we should probably try and make your gaming tables look good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Temple of Chaos Terrain Up On Kickstarter and Isometric Map-Making Software Up On Kickstarter.

Temple of Chaos Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Please help us bring a new fresh theme of products to reality. We want to release these 28mm scale miniature bases and terrain to market and onto your tables!

Isometric Map-Making Software Up On Kickstarter

Rather than develop entirely new software specifically for isometric mapping, which would result in much greater cost to backers, I will instead be adding isometric support to my existing MapForge mapping software (see the next section if you're not familiar with it).

MapForge has thus far been limited to top-down tactical-scale battlemaps, and more recently, expanded to also excel at hex-based area/regional maps. This campaign seeks to broaden MapForge's current areas of mapping expertise by adding isometric mapping to its repertoire. Namely, by adding new features such as a highly configurable isometric grid overlay, a snap-to-ISO-grid function, and automatic z-ordering of map elements.


  heruca at 344 days ago
By request, five new limited-availability pledge levels have been added to the Isometric Kickstarter campaign: Also, make sure you've watched the new project videos!
  heruca at 337 days ago
The MapForge Isometric Kickstarter campaign has funded! Not only that, but two Stretch Goals have already been unlocked, and a third is tantalizingly close. If the campaign reaches $7600 in funding (just $346 more), that will mean THREE free isometric content Add-Ons for everyone. It looks like maybe 10-15 more backers would do the trick. The campaign ends in 21 hours.