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Monday Terrain Corner

Hello and welcome to a new season! It's Autumn up here in the North and, of course, Spring for those down South. I know I'm happy to have some cooler temperatures around.

It's also Monday, which means along with cooler temperatures, we need some gaming terrain.

Another quick one for you today. It's: Corvus Belli Shows of New Infinity Terrain

Corvus Belli Shows of New Infinity Terrain


Many of you are already in possession of our new Battle Pack - Operation Wildfire, a new fantastic set that pits the brand new forces of O-12 against the sinister Shasvastii of the Combined Army. If so, you will definitely have noticed the remarkable leap in quality that Corvus Belli has instilled into its already fantastic product . The box contains not only the new bases with a line of fire indicators on them, but also new scenery and markers made of heavyweight cardboard - roughly 3 mm thick!. It’s a pack that can also be purchased on its own at the end of September.