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Monday Terrain Corner

And we've made it back around to Monday. I had a nice, restful, relaxing weekend. Considering that Gen Con isn't all that far away, I need to get in as many of those as I can between now and then. We also can use to get your gaming tables looking good. So, let's do that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Bugs: Into the Tunnels Available From Acheson Creations, New Infinity Terrain From TTCombat, and Wastelang Game Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Bugs: Into the Tunnels Available From Acheson Creations

Two Hour Wargames brings you "Bugs: Into the Tunnels" - a complete game playable with our minis and resin tunnel sections

New Infinity Terrain From TTCombat


It’s time for round 2 of our Infinity terrain!

We’ve got four brand new Infinity kits today. Partnered with Corvus Belli, these new Sci-Fi Utopia kits are designed specifically for Infinity – an official range of affordable (and gorgeous) MDF scenery!

Wastelang Game Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Play your battles on a bare rocky plain disfigured by cracks in the ground, a land forgotten by gods and men, whose ground scattered with cracks and debris is the symbol of the extreme desolation of this place!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth / Mousepad
Available size: 4x6' / 4x4' / 3x3' / 3x6'