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Monday Terrain Corner

Monday... I mean... blech... but it's a necessary part of life. Without Mondays, we can't eventually be making our way back to the weekend, right? Every journey starts with a single step, and that's what Monday is. It's also a day where we try and get your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New 15mm tobruk bunker objective from Baueda and Fantasy Cartography Modular Dungeon Rooms Up On Kickstarter.

New 15mm tobruk bunker objective from Baueda

15mm Objective Vf58c Tobruk bunker emplacement (with optional tank turrets FT17 + R35 APX) This code includes a tobruk bunkers based on a Fow-size large base 50mm wide by 65mm deep (2"x 21/2") + one 32mm wide by 25mm deep (11/4"x 1"). Next to the entrance there is a covered space exactly sized for a small team base. Perfect as an objective or to be added to a larger terrain piece, board or table. Also included are two early war French tank turrets (a Renault FT17 with the 8 mm Hotchkiss machine gun and a R35 APX with the Puteaux SA 18 - 37mm gun) that were commonly used by the germans on such static fortifications, especially along the Atlantic Wall. The tobruk bunker can be fitted with any of the turrets or with a standard infantry MG (not provided). Supplied unpainted.

Fantasy Cartography Modular Dungeon Rooms Up On Kickstarter

Okay guys here it is .

A new project including 100+ rooms to create huge and magnificent dungeons.

It will also include corridors and junction to connect them together ( theses are not counted in the 100 rooms) so it adds even more to the value.