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Monday Terrain Corner

Welcome to December. November, usually my favorite month of the year, is over with. The final month of the year begins. But as you celebrate your holidays or continue to prep for them, let's see if we can make your gaming tables look as good as a catalog cover.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Fantasy Flight Announces New Star Wars: Legion Game Mats, New Cruel Seas Lighthouse and Ruined Lighthouse From Warlord Games, New Thuman Gate Available To Order From Dark Fantastic Mills, and Loke BattleMats update their Grassland design.

Fantasy Flight Announces New Star Wars: Legion Game Mats

As the Galactic Civil War spreads to engulf the entire Star Wars galaxy, battles can break out on any planet. Whether Imperial troops are striking at a hidden Rebel outpost in an epic engagement, or Rebel forces are hitting a sensitive Imperial target in a minor skirmish, each new operation can play out on widely different terrain.

Now, your Star Wars: Legion battles can transport you and your troops to some of the saga’s most iconic planets. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce three new playmats for Star Wars: Legion! Upgrade your play area with the Sullust Game Mat, the Hoth Game Mat, and the Jakku Game Mat!

New Cruel Seas Lighthouse and Ruined Lighthouse From Warlord Games

Lighthouses are often mentioned in the diaries and memories of serving naval officers in WWII. As most encounters took place at night, it is understandable that the piercing finger of bright light would resonate with nervous, watching crews.

Lighthouses were, by their nature, places to navigate around for both sides, providing a real and reliable proof of the navigators skill, often open to doubt in the featureless sea.

New Thuman Gate Available To Order From Dark Fantastic Mills

The latest addition to the Dark Fantastic Mills 3D printed scenery range is the Thuban Gate. This design collaboration with Steve Foote is an ancient gate that allows travel between places, stars and maybe even time itself. Supplied printed, unpainted and ready to assemble, kit includes magnets to ensure it's aligned perfectly during each game you play. Designed for 28mm gaming, it's a worn and and chipped appearance makes it great for many scales and for all genres from fantasy, sci-fi, weird WW2 or roleplaying. Available for pre-order from 30th Dec. Dark Fantastic Mills is a small UK company based in Stirling, Scotland making beautifully designed scenery that is easy to get from box to the table. Adding real flavour to your gaming, the team are gamers so ensure they are playable and add impact being line of sight blocking and objective pieces.

Loke BattleMats update their Grassland design

After a long summer and a wet autumn in the UK Loke BattleMats felt it was only right to reflect the good gardening weather by updating out grassland terrain images. Now with a lush green meadow feel, the Grasslands terrain is a detailed design ideal for use as table turf! Available in PVC (and coming soon in rubber mouse mat), the design is available in a range of sizes to suit your gaming (and table size) needs. So as you campaign and skirmish across this fresh looking meadow you can almost smell the spring and feel the spring under foot (well, under miniature bases anyway). Its almost nice enough to take your mind off the task at hand as the enemy gather across the battlefield. Loke BattleMats PVC mats are printed on hard wearing 500 GSM PVC, a light material which is very durable and fully waterproof. The mat is supplied rolled and boxed for easy storage and safe easy transportation. Available now from with free postage on all orders over £20.