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Monday Terrain Corner

Well, that was a quite nice couple of days off. I hope those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving were able to have a good one. And I hope those that went shopping on Black Friday were able to get out with all your fingers and toes intact. Now we're getting into the holiday season, and yes, I have the holiday music playing. That's just how I roll. Also how I roll is to get you the best tabletops.

Today in our Terrain Corner we have: Avatars of War Ready2Print Terrain Now Available, Dying Star Field Map Available From Loke Battlemats, Arid Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame, New Imperial Depot Available From Micro Art Studio, and Blue Star Field Gaming Mat Available From Loke Battlemats.

Avatars of War Ready2Print Terrain Now Available

We are pleased to introduce AoW Ready2Print, a new line of scenery pieces from Avatars of War, digitally sculpted and specifically designed for easy desktop 3D printing at home, without the need for support structures.

If you  already own a desktop 3D printer, you can get right now the first AoW Ready2Print scenery piece, this wonderful 'Dwarf Dragon Seeker statue'.

The future is here! Automatic delivery, no shipping costs, and you can 3D print each piece as many times as you want, in addition to rescaling it in your 3D printing software to adapt it to the size you prefer.

If you do not have a desktop 3D printer yet, AoW Ready2Print is the definitive reason to go for it! ;)

Dying Star Field Map Available From Loke Battlemats

Spice up your tabletop space battles with Loke BattleMats Dying star field Battle mat available in 3'x3' PVC. Providing the perfect background for a dogfight, this dramatic tabletop gaming mat adds realism to any tabletop space battle! Adventure with confidence across this bleak dying star field as you manoeuvre skilfully around the debris of dead suns. This design is exclusive to Loke BattleMats. Printed on high quality PVC, this mat is lightweight, 100% waterproof and will roll away for easy storage and transportation. The reverse is textured and the mat will lie flat. Loke BattleMats range of tabletop mats provide the perfect backdrop for a range of tabletop games. they also go beautifully under board games and RPG miniatures! Available now from with free UK shipping on all orders over £20!

Arid Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Arid Plain! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play your battles a dry rocky plain, a barren and desolate landscape created by time and severe weather, on a bare land, whose soil is strewn with crumbled stone debris and where life doesn't seem to take root!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth / Neoprene
Available size: 4x6' / 4x4' / 3x3' / 3x4' / 3x6' / 22x30"

New Imperial Depot Available From Micro Art Studio

Hello everyone, Have you ever been wondering, how can you give a cover to your AT-ST? Then you have come to the right place. Our new product - Imperial Depot, was made to provide such cover. You can even hide some smaller units inside it so the battle becomes even more intense and complex. Of course, we know that it would be difficult to move them so we added a removable roof. It's big and you can hide inside but what else? Well If you don't want to go inside you can always close the doors. You can even play it as two separate buildings.

Blue Star Field Gaming Mat Available From Loke Battlemats

Stay warm this winter as you burn through the cold expanse of space by adding the excitement of playing on Loke BattleMats Blue Star Field. Exclusive to Loke BattleMats, Blue star field is a beautiful back drop to any Tabletop game. Fly casual or go where no one has gone before as you adventure boldly across this cold unforgiving terrain. Available in Heavy Duty PVC, Blue Star Field is available in 3x3 and 6x3 from All 3x3 PVC mats at GamingBooks are currently on sale at £20.00 (down from £24.99) with free UK shipping site wide for orders over £20!