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Monday Terrain Corner

Mondays. I mean... we'll get back to the weekend eventually, right?

Ah well. I mean, we will. Just gotta make our way there. And hopefully, it'll include some gaming. And if it includes gaming, it just might include terrain. So let's make sure that all looks good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Terrain Available To Order From Games Workshop, New Maison Forte Set Scenery Pack from Sarissa, and Hel Sector Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Available From Loke Battlemats.

New Terrain Available To Order From Games Workshop

A detailed, striking scenery set, the Thermic Plasma Nexus is a modular plastic kit entirely compatible with others across the Sector Imperialis and Sector Mechanicus ranges. Combine as many kits as you like to create enormous, evocative multilevel environments battle over!

A vast network of regulators, conduits and reactors, the Thermic Plasma Nexus can be used as cover by the brave (or foolish) – it has an alarming tendency to leak its meltingly-hot cargo when hit by stray gunfire…

The kit is comprised of several sets of plastic components:

- A Ferratonic Furnace: this is a large silo possibly filled with unmentionable caustic chemicals, toxic waste or items too sinister to dwell upon. It’s built from 2 frames, one frame for the silo itself, and one full of platforms and walkways to be modelled around the structure. The Furnace includes lots of extras for adding detail – pipes, chains and winches, which can be clipped into place wherever you like using the plug-in holes beneath the gantries;
- A Thermic Plasma Regulator: covered in Mechanicus details, the main body of the Regulator features a platform and guardrail, allowing your miniatures to attack from a higher vantage point;
- A Haemotrope Reactor: this barely-understood piece of Mechanicus technology acts as a plasma amplifier, and is covered in pipes, cables and a grim-looking skull;
- 5 sets of Thermic Plasma Conduits: this is a massive array of components used to link together the larger pieces of the kit in whichever way you choose. It includes: 30 pipes;
10 control points; 20 plasma fusion batteries that can be fitted into the control points; 60 braces for the pipes; 10 short, broken pipe sections; 20 short, curved pipe sections and 10 short end pipes.

New Maison Forte Set Scenery Pack from Sarissa

As part of the defensive effort against the Axis forces, the French often fortified houses and turned them into a makeshift bunker. Usually seen apart of the Maginot Line, it took dedicated bunker clearing weaponry and tactics to deal with them proving how effective they were at slowing the German assault.

This set contains:

  • An MDF Maison Forte MF-10
  • A small MDF House
  • A barrier and small guard post
  • A set of barricades with barbed wire

Hel Sector Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Available From Loke Battlemats

You can fly not so casual and spice up your manoeuvres on this dramatic gaming mat from Loke Battlemats. Featuring the foreboding Hel sector design, your space war games just took on a life of their own! With a menacing dead planet to manoeuvre around and a sky of red stars as your back drop, your space games just got a lot more realistic! The dramatic image is striking and the mat is the ideal size for many space themed tabletop war games. This detailed design is printed on 2mm neoprene with a sturdy rubber backing and a stitched edge to ensure this premium quality mat will last years with no separation of the materials. This 6 foot by 3 foot mat is sized for a range of games and will fit most tables beautifully. We also recommend our Battlemats as perfect backdrop for board games and RPG as they add realism and excitement to a table, plus they “deaden” a dice roll, so no more lost dice! Available now from Loke BattleMats.