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Monday Terrain Corner

Mondays... I mean, I get why Garfield wasn't a fan. I'm not really thrilled with them, either. But waddyagonnado? To have a weekend, you must have a week. And everything has a beginning. So we're at the beginning of the week. However, I did do some baking over the weekend, and so the office will be able to partake in dark chocolate cayenne pepper brownies, chili powder dark chocolate chunk cookies, and a pumpkin pie (no strange twists on the pumpkin pie. I just like pumpkin pie). And something, something, something, tie-in with terrain.

Today in the terrain corner we have: Fantasy Flight Games Releases Playmat for Fallout Board Game, New Imperial Assault Playmat Now Available, and Pwork Wargames Halloween Sale Coming This Week

Fantasy Flight Games Releases Playmat for Fallout Board Game

The world may have descended into chaos when the bombs dropped, but that doesn’t mean exploring this crazy world has to be equally chaotic. You can bring order to your games of Fallout: The Board Gamewith the Please Stand By Gamemat, available for order now at your local retailer or online through the Fantasy Flight Games website!

After waiting out the horrors of nuclear devastation, you’re probably anxious to head out into the wasteland and see what’s left of the world, and every aspect of the Please Stand By Gamemat invites you deeper into the Fallout universe. With the iconic imagery as your backdrop and its expansive 3' x 3' play surface, each gamemat provides the perfect space to construct your wasteland no matter what scenario you’re playing.

New Imperial Assault Playmat Now Available

The battles of the Galactic Civil War have overwhelmed countless systems, sweeping away the memory of peace with the specter of the Empire’s tyranny. Yet the flame of hope is kindling to life, fanned into flame by the growing Rebel Alliance and teams like the Specters of Lothal.

Now, you can take your Imperial Assaultskirmishes to the birthplace of rebellion with the Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map, now available for order at your local retailer!

Pwork Wargames Halloween Sale Coming This Week


Happy Halloween from Pwork to the gamers all around the world!

Pwork Wargames on October 31th applies a 10% discount on all the available products!

Check Pwork Wargames webiste:

Never stop playing!