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Monday Terrain Corner

Did anyone else's weekend seem to only take something like 5 hours to go by? Anyone? My Saturday, especially, was over in what felt like less than an hour. Seriously. It was, "start hanging out with friend. Blink. Friend leaves and it's time for bed." Like, the hell? I feel cheated out of 2 days off. Oh well... there'll be another weekend eventually. Just a long way to go until we get there. And if there'll be gaming on that weekend, we'll need some terrain.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Urban Decay Mat Available From Loke Battlemats and Medieval Kit 1 Available from Pwork Wargame.

Urban Decay Mat Available From Loke Battlemats

Bring your next skirmish to like with Loke BattleMats Urban decay rubber battle mat. Wargaming across an urban environment presents a unique set of challenges. Manoeuvring across challenging terrain, tactically using that broken line of sight and racing to control key strategic landmarks is brought to life on Loke BattleMats Urban Decay Tabletop Battle mat. This detailed design is printed on 2mm neoprene with a sturdy rubber backing and a stitched edge to ensure this premium quality mat will last years with no separation of the materials. This 6 foot by 4 foot mat is sized for a range of games and will fit most tables beautifully. This mat is weighty (at 3.5kg its our heaviest mat) which means it will drape beautifully over table edges etc. Loke BattleMats also recommend their Rubber Battle mats as the perfect backdrop for board games and RPG as they add realism and excitement to a table, plus they “deaden” a dice roll, so no more lost dice! Available now!

Medieval Kit 1 Available from Pwork Wargame

MDF Scenery - Medieval Kit 01! Pwork Wargames MDF terrains!

Build a medieval village on your wargaming tabletop and fight to defend your land against barbarain invaders!