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Modiphius to Distribute Index Card RPG Master Edition and Viking Death Squad RPG

I was sharing some heavy metal music with a coworker just this morning. I'm always a fan of incorporating such into my games and Viking Death Squad is just up my alley. It's a Heavy Metal RPG from Runehammer that Modiphius will be bringing to you next year. They're also working with Runehammer on a Master Edition of the Index Card RPG.

From the release:

Modiphius is teaming up with indie tabletop creator Runehammer to bring the Index Card RPG Master Edition to your friendly local gaming store in a beautiful new print edition, and a pre-order featuring a special Collectors Edition for fans. Runehammer has also unveiled the insane heavy metal rpg Viking Death Squad which will debut in retail at the same time! More details below and you will be available to pre-order both from the Modiphius webstore very soon. Pre-orders will get the complete PDF on purchase, and both books will be heading to your local game stores in the spring 2022.