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Modiphius Taking Pre-orders For Vampire: The Masquerade Sorcery and Discipline Decks

It's always nice to have references for all the powers that a group of players can get in an RPG. There's so many, having a quick guide is great. And that's what you get with the Sorcery and Discipline Decks for Vampire: The Masquerade from Modiphius. Having these on-hand will make figuring out what everyone's capable of just that much easier for everyone at the table. Pre-orders are being taken now with release coming hopefully in July.

From the announcement:

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the pre-order for the Vampire: The Masquerade Blood Sorcery and Discipline Card Decks.

This card deck which is now available to pre-order on as part of the Vampire: The Masquerade Collection is expected to ship in July. Pre-order players and GMs will immediately receive both full colour and Black White PDFs to print at home, so that can start using them right away.

Here are the details on these brand new decks which are an essential playing aid to enhance your Vampire chronicles playing experience.

This deck of cards gives you all the reference material you need for Disciplines, Blood Sorcery powers and rituals, and Thin-Blood Alchemy in your Vampire: The Masquerade games. With 80 colour and symbol coded cards for referencing Disciplines and 41 cards that include all Blood Sorcery powers and rituals, and all Thin-Blood Alchemy powers, these cards will keep your game moving smoothly.

This combined deck is perfect for players and Storytellers who want a quick reference and an easy way of keeping track of Disciplines, Blood Sorcery, and Thin-Blood Alchemy abilities and the rules associated with them. The Deck Includes:

A total of 121 full colour cards 80 Disciplines and 41 Blood Sorcery powers and rituals, and Thin-Blood Alchemy abilities from the Vampire: The Masquerade core rulebook.

  • Each card features essential rules and description text to make for easy reference, and a page reference to the relevant section of the core rulebook.
  • Packaged in a duo tuckbox that makes for easy carrying to your game table. 

Includes a PDF with both colour and grey scale versions of the cards suitable for home printing.