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Modiphius Shipping Physical Product Again

Though the pandemic continues on, there are some places able to start opening up again, at least as they reconfigure to make good on new social distancing guidelines and making sure all their employees are safe. Modiphius is one such place. They have started getting back into the warehouse and are starting up physical shipping again. Of course, things will be a little slow to begin with. But slow is better than none.

From the announcement:

Welcome to our weekly Modiphus News round-up bringing you all the latest releases and info about what's happening at Modiphius towers. The great news is that shipping of physical products has started up again albeit tentatively (see below) and we're also welcoming back some of the Modiphius family who've been on furlough.

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Good News. Hopefully we'll see some more movement on Siege of the Citadel soon.