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Modiphius Running Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Contest

The folks at Modiphius love to go camping. They love it so much, they want to see their little figures go camping to. And they want to see your figures go camping. They have two Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms contests going, both about the camps that adventurers make while out in the wild.

From the announcement:

With the launch and general availability of Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Core Rules and starting figure sets, we’ve decided to run not one, but two competitions!

You can enter either or both, but you can only win one of them, so choose wisely! 

The winner of each competition will get $100 of Modiphius store credit with three runners up each getting $20 store credit, so you can build on your existing Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms collection, pick up some of the new sets we will be releasing throughout the year or try another of our exciting games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Both competitions are based on the same theme – The BaseCamp. We’ve started our expeditions and adventures in Tamriel, so let’s see the base camps your forces will be operating from, and hear the stories that you can tell around those campfires.