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Modiphius Releases Star Trek Adventures: Year Five Comic Series Tie-in Book

The folks over at Modiphius are looking to bring just about every aspect of Star Trek to your gaming tables in Star Trek Adventures. Now, that even includes the Year Five comic series from IDW. Modiphius is pleased to release Star Trek Adventures: Year Five as a sourcebook for the game.

From the article:

Astute fans of Star Trek Adventures might note that, over the last few years, the STA development team and I have been working to partner with other Star Trek licensees producing content for Star Trek. We’ve built relationships with Hero Collector/Eaglemoss, Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online), and the folks developing Star Trek Timelines (first Disruptor Beam, now Wicked Realm Games and Tilting Point). Now, I’m proud to announce that we’ve built a relationship with IDW Publishing as well, with the release of our new digital product, a tie-in supplement based on the outstanding Star Trek Year Five comic series.