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Modiphius Releases Free Raiders of the Serpent Sea RPG Player's Guide

Raider's of the Serpent Sea is a new adventure for 5th edition D&D that's coming to Kickstarter soon. Like Paizo does with their Player's Guides for their Adventure Paths, Modiphius has released a free Player's Guide for their Raiders adventure. You can head over and download your copy now.

From the website:

Raiders of the Serpent Sea is an epic fantasy campaign for the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game. It introduces Grimnir, a new campaign setting inspired by Norse myth that can be connected to any other campaign world, but one with a special link to Thylea (the lost continent from Odyssey of the Dragonlords).

The World of Grimnir. Introduces the world, its origins, and major historical events. Learn about the cursed gods known as the Stone Court, the wealthy kingdoms that threaten the raiders, and the power of sacrifice.

  • New Class Archetypes. Includes ranger, bard, and wizard archetypes that help bring to life the various raider clans.
  • New Player Races. Includes rules for playing the Wicker and Tallfolk.
  • Glory! Introduces a new glory system fueling your character's ability to boast to overwhelm adversaries.
  • All Backgrounds are Epic. Includes four epic backgrounds for players to choose from. These backgrounds create additional motivations for your hero and weave their personal stories into the core campaign.