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Modiphius Releases Conan: The Monolith Sourcebook PDF

Modiphius has their Conan RPG.

Monolith has their Conan board game.

The Monolith Sourcebook, just released in pdf version, brings the two together. Use your boad game pieces in the RPG. Bring RPG elements to your board game. It's a bit of something for everyone.

From the website:

Since the introduction of fantasy into wargaming, Robert E. Howard’s Conan has loomed large across popular culture, recently inspiring the award-winning Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of roleplaying game and Monolith’s hit Conan boardgame. Here, for the first time ever, is the crossover between these two games: miniatures and roleplaying adventure meet in the Hyborian Age!          

Developed closely with Monolith Entertainment, The Monolith Sourcebook provides players and gamemasters with a host of exciting material: new campaigns for both games, standalone adventures, and advice for creating original boardgame adventures using the roleplaying resources. 

  • A Red Tide to Kush, a complete boardgame campaign with ten new scenarios. 
  • A solo/cooperative campaign made up of nine new scenarios for the boardgame. 
  • Shadows from Gulsaggah, a complete roleplaying adventure campaign set in the legendary Black Coast. 
  • Rules for solo and cooperative play for the boardgame. 
  • Guidelines for using Conan tiles and roleplaying resources to create new scenarios for the boardgame.
  • Characters, monsters, equipment, and artifacts, from Amboola the Spearman to Xuthal’s Crown

Get the most out of Monolith’s Conan boardgame with this essential sourcebook!