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Modiphius Releases Back to Reality Adventure for Star Trek Adventures

Snap back to reality. Oh, there goes gravity. ... Someone get Engineering on the comms, we need to get this fixed. Modiphius has released Back to Reality, a new adventure for Star Trek Adventures. Head to the center of the Pinicon Belt (the buckle of it, if you will) and confront an ethical dilemma like no other.

From the website:

What lies at the center of the Pinicon Belt?

This adventure presents a crew of player characters with a profound ethical dilemma that could have sweeping ramifications that extend far beyond their own universe.

When the player characters investigate a dangerous asteroid field, they are confronted with doppelgangers from a different quantum reality where the Borg reign supreme. Can the player characters resolve tensions with their counterparts and solve the mysteries within an abandoned space station at the center of the asteroid field?

This standalone 17-page PDF adventure by Fred Love is for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game and is set during The Next Generation era. This adventure also contains advice for adaptation for use in campaigns based in other Star Trek eras. Download includes a regular version and a printer-friendly version.