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Modiphia Magainze Issue 5 Now Available

If you're a fan of Modiphius and their various games (and there are quite a lot of them) and you want to know all about what they're working on, then Modiphia magazine is the way to go. And you're in luck because the latest issue just hit their website. It's free, so why not go check it out?

In this issue:

Check out all the latest products, exclusive deals and articles on your favourite Modiphius games! In this Issue you’ll find:

A look at the new terrifying dragon, Mirmulnir, for Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms.

A dive into the upcoming Fallout 2d20 RPG

Find out about the The Spy Game by BlackCatsGaming, newly releasing through the VIA Modiphius scheme. 

An exciting line up of newly released and upcoming products!