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Mitropia Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Entrapping an enemy with your own is a long-known strategy for victory. If you cut off an opponent's retreat and supply routes, you can position yourself to destroy them entirely. Encircling your opponent is the name of the game in Mitropia, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Mitropia is a strategic area-control game rooted in the mechanics of the ancient game Go, with surprise elements that make it fun for every player! Use tribal powers, pattern movement cards, special actions, and more to capture the most territory and prisoners on the fields of the Gods. 

The underlying game mechanics are simple to learn, but create intricate strategic and tactical challenges every time you play. The card drawing and random board generation elements of the game create a more even playing field between advanced players and casual players. These elements can also be dialed down or removed for pure strategic contests. With Mitropia, you get the best of both worlds combined: meaningful strategic gameplay but fun surprises. 

The Mitropia game mechanics and components have been thoroughly tested at events large and small including GenCon and Spiel Essen 2019. This makes us confident that the gameplay experience is enjoyable and that the stretch goal extensions (which have all been well tested) will make it even more so!

Funds from the Kickstarter will bring the game to life by financing the first print run and shipping of the game. With your help, Mitropia will create fun challenges for players all over the globe!

The campaign's really close to its funding goal with 25 days left to go.