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Mirmulnir Available For The Elder Scroll From Modiphius

<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant dragon alert! We have Giant Dragon Alert! This time, it's for The Elder Scrolls from Modiphius. If you're wanting to get your hands on Mirmulnir, you can now. Head on over and add some scaley goodness to your holiday season.

From the website:

A foe from the distant past, the ancient Dragon Mirmulnir escaped the wrath of the Blades in the Second Age. It returns to terrorise Whiterun, attacking the Western Watchtower with fire, claws and teeth. Only the actions of The Dragonborn and a small band of Jarl Balgruuf’s guard held it at bay. But Mirmulnir is just the vanguard of the newly resurgent forces of Dragons, and it will not be the last to challenge The Dragonborn.