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Minute RPG Up On Kickstarter

Setting up a game of an RPG takes forever, right? You've gotta get your character creation done. The GM's gotta get all the world together. You gotta figure out equipment and all these sorts of things... Or do you? Minute RPG is an RPG game that's made to be set up in literally a minute. Just draw some cards and your character's ready. The GM draws some other cards and the world's set up. No matter the setting, you can play. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Minute RPG will let you enjoy roleplaying anywhere: 

Dark places, wet places or even while walking on a hike.  

Explore Cyberpunk, Space opera, Mystery or classic Fantasy stories. The rules are easy and streamlined, and perfectly suited for children and  role-player beginners.  

Each player chooses four cards: Background, Profession, Advantage and Abilities. That’s it. Let the story begin. There’s help for the GM’s too. Design a story by picking 4 cards: Threat, Focus, Scene and a Complication. New characters and stories are brought to life in minutes. 

ALL remedies for a RPG session are included in a small form factor: 55 waterproof and durable cards, 4 glow in the dark dice, and micro rule book - packed in a small but sturdy plastic box. The whole package fits in a trouser pocket, and the cards can even be used for random “rolls” when dice rolling is not an option.

Minute RPG is portable, durable, fast and fun.