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Midweek Snippets

Halfway through the week already. I can get down with that. Wasn't feeling great yesterday. Doing better today. Here's to hoping that the trend continues. Though, I am feeling a bit peckish. Time to snack on a couple of bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Dragon Ashigaru Heads Available from Puppets War

Dragon Ashigaru Helmets are now available in our store:

Reaper Bones 6 Up On Kickstarter

Thanks to our incredible backers, our prior Kickstarter projects have been amazing successes and have allowed us to introduce hundreds of fantastic gaming miniatures into our Bones Miniature product ranges.

Bones 6 promises to offer you more variety and more amazing new miniatures! These miniatures are 28mm Heroic Scale and injected in our Bones, Bones Black, or Bones USA plastics!

Bones Miniatures are ideal for RPG and tabletop games, and are the perfect way to get into the hobby of collecting and painting gaming miniatures!

By backing Bones 6 you can help expand our Bones Miniature lines. Your support makes the molds that we need to produce these miniatures; the more backers we get the more molds we produce, which means we make more miniatures! As a backer, you'll get to have your pick of these amazing miniatures for a fantastic backer-only bargain deal!