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Midweek Snippets

This week is just rolling right along as quickly as last week was. I'm like, "Oh, it's already Wednesday." I was prepping to do a Podcast Radio post and was like, "... wait..." So, here we are, ready to snack on some bite-sized gaming stories instead. Today on the platter we have:

Dice 51 Metal Dice and Pins Up On Kickstarter

Each of these RPG sets contains 7 metal dice (a D4, D6, D8, D10, D1%, D12 and D20) with a beautiful plating and enamel finish. They feel weighty without being overbearing and roll well.

New Warbikes Available From Puppets War

Invade your enemies with new Heavy War-Steeds! 🏍💥

It's available now both as a High-quality resin cast and printable STL files. 😉

New Brand of Cthulhu Dice Available From Infinite Black

The Brand of Cthulhu dice are part of the Elder Dice collection, which add the perfect magical touch to any fantasy or horror roleplaying game. They are also great for enhancing your favorite board games. This set features a symbol of Great Cthulhu that is often used as a brand by members of the Cthulhu Cult. The symbol replaces the highest value of each die.

Each set of Elder Dice contains the complete set of nine polyhedral gaming dice: 1 four-sided die, 3 six-sided dice, 1 eight-sided die, 1 ten-sided die, 1 ten-sided percentile die, 1 twelve-sided die, and 1 twenty-sided die.