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Midweek Snippets

Anyone else already kinda ready for the holidays? I mean, I've not switched to Christmas music or started watching Santa Claus Conquers the Martians yet, but I did have a Mountain Dew Gingerbread Snap'd this morning. And it was delicious. Ah well, holidays or not, it is halfway through the week. And that means topping off on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Dagon Miniature Up On Kickstarter

Behold, Dagon! Antediluvian fish deity of nightmarish Babylon! Standing at nearly 100mm tall this resin cast tabletop miniature should tower over frail mortal castaways and New England fisher folk alike.

November Releases Available From Raging Heroes

The latest release from Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes is Arcadian Elves

Available to Download, Print, Paint, and Play Right Now!

November's release is bringing the eerie elegant Arcadian Elves.

One of the greatest mystery of the galaxy, the Arcadian Elves origins are believed to be the same as the Void Elves.

But what can have torn these brothers and sisters appart? These events are shrouded in deep mystery. But the pure insanity of the Void Elves seems to equal the supernatural wisdom of the Arcadians. A wisdom rarely shared with humans as they firmly avoid contacts with all other sentient entities.

Black November Sale Happening Now at Kraken Dice

Find New Dice Sets, New Accessories, New Colors... Find all of Kraken Dice's new and exciting options here!