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Midweek Snippets

Not gonna lie. I started making a Podcast Radio post and was like, "man, not a lot of podcasts have updated this week. All these I just posted... ... uh... yesterday... ... .. Oh..." I mean, rather think it's Tuesday when it's really Wednesday instead of thinking it's Friday when it's really Wednesday. Anyway, let's get some bite-sized gaming stories at you, as is proper for the day.

Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light Available From Raging Heroes

The epic Paladin Knights of the Eternal Light are now invading our webshop!!!!

Gazing Eye D20s Now Available From Kraken Dice

Gaze in wonder as these colorful eyeball dice roll across your table. These RAW dice are ready to polished and inked to bring out the look you've always wanted from your dice rolls.