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Midweek Snippets

Sure. It can be Wednesday. Why not? No particular day feels that much different than another this week so far. So, it can be Wednesday. And as it's Wednesday, that means getting you some tasty gaming morsels. Today on the platter we have:

New Void Elves Available From Raging Heroes

Killing is effortless and an efficient art for Anakriah. She's dark and twisted in the most gruesome way as she relishes in torturing her victims. A true alchemist that can alter victims body parts and shape them at will to later use them as assets on the battlefield.You may have noticed that Anakriah’s design is based on Sekzahian Moonpain the Dark Elf vampire from our Heroes Infinite 3D Printable Collection: A Dance with Vampires. She was such a hit with our Patrons and we liked her so much that the design team decided to also make her into an exquisite Void Elf!

And a Lust Elf version will also be available soon…

Christmas in July Sale Happening at Kraken Dice

Tide Pool and Black Magick: Amethyst are available now.

Each of these 14pc dice sets was produced as part of a 500 piece limited run and will be available for a limited time. Don't miss your chance to own these incredible sets.

Puppys War 33k Fans Sale Happening Now

We just hit 33000 likes on our fan page! ❤️ Due to this occasion we just launched a 20% discount for all assortment, the promo will last until friday.

Sci-Fi Feudal Guardsmen Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

Drawn from a world which has regressed to a feudal level, these troops have been handed a contemporary weapon, given a reassuring pat on the shoulder and unceremoniously dispatched to battle the enemies of humanity. Ill-equipped with the armour of medieval commoners and largely untrained, these levies often make surprisingly effective soldiers, being possessed of a naïve contempt for their enemies and prone to favouring brutal close assaults over ranged engagements.

I am producing a range of 30mm scale, sci-fi wargaming miniatures.

These models are scaled to work well with most popular 28-32mm wargames.