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Midweek Snippets

Ok. It's actually Wednesday, so that means the week's half over, even if I had Monday off. I've still got plenty of the pork shoulder that I put into the slow cooker on Sunday. As well as the elote potato salad that I made. But after several days, a bit of a change might be nice. Let's see what sort of bite-sized treats are on the platter today. We have:

Drakoth's Children, the Forgotten Land Miniatures and Busts on Kickstarter

Based on the art of Viktor Titov. Fantasy resin figures and busts for painters and collectors.

Omnia Gaming Base Range I Up On Kickstarter

When we first set out to start Omnia Gaming, it was to open a brick and mortar local gaming store, where we could slowly grow our own range of 3d printed "stuff". We've talked about different options, products (more to come, watch this space) and other things we want to do as a company. A key part was always to create an inclusive, supportive gaming environment catering to both the competitive and the casual gamer.

New Weapons Available From Puppets War

Our armory is expanding. ⚔⚔⚔

New weapon sets are available now in our store. 🔥

Which one is your "go to" on the battlefield? 🤔

Primus Sharp-Edged Dice Up On Kickstarter

Stunning color combinations with gorgeous inclusions. As unique as the gameplay that inspired them. Our exclusive font and slightly larger than average size will make these dice stand out in any collection!