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Midweek Snippets

Halfway over. The week is halfway over. And I still have a leak next to my water heater because maintenance at my place apparently doesn't exist anymore. Guh... well... as I contemplate going back up to the office -again- and asking about it, I should calm my temper by munching on some dice-themed bite-size gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Divine Sharp Edge Dice by Critit Up On Kickstarter

Based on our popular range of 'Spirit of' Dice, all supported and inspired by our wonderful backers over the past few years, We are now pleased to present the most popular colours and combinations in a new sharp edge dice line.

Retro Dice Generation 2 Up On Kickstarter

These are our second generation of dice in the retro dice series featuring a unique, easy to read, custom font inspired by retro digital displays and bold neon color palettes.

Orbidice Up On Kickstarter

Orbidice are dice sets created for RPG and tabletop enthusiasts who want to have a new and unique way to roll. Finely sculpted and themed spheres will bring a fresh and fun experience to the table. Stop using the same, old dice. Start rolling with Orbidice ;-)