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Midweek Snippets

Halfway through the week already? Can't complain about that, really. I'm always ready for the weekend. I'm also always ready for tasty treats. Yesterday, I made Mostaccioli (my grandmother's recipe) for the first time in quite a long time. Gonna be enjoying that the rest of the week. But along with that, I'm also going to be enjoying some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

New Releases Available From Seb Games

Time for some new releases!

Once again, we are bringing some long-forgotten miniatures back into production. Today we have a treat for Dwarf players, but Lizardmen fans will also be pleased.

New Icariates Serverors Available From Raging Heroes

Brand New Releases Out Today!

Make your tabletop army stand out from the crowd with today's brand new release! Fill out your Elite infantry with the most beautiful jump troops around! Icariate Severors Elite jump troops for Sisters of Eternal Mercy. These courageous warriors fly into battle on your choice of ornate cybernetically enhanced wings OR fully mechanical jet wings. Adrenaline coursing through their veins, firing forth a deadly cavalcade of bullets before swinging with the sharpened steal of their blades

Tales From the Outer Rim Travelogue Show Launches

Tales from the Outer Rim is a Geek based travel show that visits awesome geeky locations like conventions, filming locations, and geeky historical spots. While there, we hang out with our friends and talk about all the geeky things we love – from delving the dark places via Dungeons & Dragon, to talking about the SETI search for alien life, from what we are playing on the tabletop, to how history has turned into pop culture. So, if you are itching to do some armchair traveling come aboard and let’s go out for an adventure together.

 You can see our first full show about our trip to the mecca of all Dungeons & Dragons fan… Lake Geneva WI. Here we talk about our thoughts on D&D and visit with Ernie Gygax, Jeff Leason and James Ward… If you enjoy the show please consider subscribing and ringing that notification bell. We would also love to hear your comments 😊

Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale Happening at Kraken Dice

Link Name Here

Marvellously Macabre Minis For Your Adventure!!

Round up! Round up! Boys and Girls of all ages!!!

Grab the Carnevil Circus today!

Now available in the Raging Heroes AND Heroes Infinite MyMiniFactory webstores!