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Midweek Snippets

Middle of the week and I'm trying to take it easy. I got my second COVID shot yesterday and today I'm just barely keeping awake. But, better to go get it done. Also, shout-out again to my KSU alum. friend. *waves* So, before I lay back down, I'm going to nibble on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Free Liquid Core Dice from Kraken Dice

Spend $20 in the store and get a free mystery liquid core single D20 with your order.

Wyrmwood and Dispel Dice Team Up for Kickstarter

Last year, two Kickstarter campaigns sent shock waves through the tabletop gaming community. Dice by Wyrmwood brought the leader in bespoke tabletop gaming to the world of high-end dice: more than 11,000 backers pledged over $1,500,000 for beautiful dice crafted from gemstone, glass, and more. A few months earlier, Dispel Dice arrived onto the scene with their own campaign, and more than 20,000 backers pledged well over $2,000,000 to make it an incredible success for this first-time creator, launching their brand of sharp-edged, luxury resin dice with inclusions. Now, both brands are ready to take the dice community by storm once again... together.