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Midweek Snippets

Whooooooooooah! We're halfway there! Woooooo-OH! We're still halfway there! (don't want to get a copywrite strike against the channel... wait, what?) Anyway, we are, indeed, halfway through the week. So begins the steady downhill roll to the weekend. And what's a good roll without butter? I might be mixing my metaphors a lot, but it's only because I'm apparently a bit peckish. Let's munch on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Raven & Riddle's Fairtyale Collection Dice Up On Kickstarter

Once upon a time... there were two powerful enchantresses who both loved to play tabletop RPGs. These two bonded in their love of shiny things, especially the dice they rolled for their beloved games. To their great sadness they found that no matter how lovely, they could not satisfy their love for dice, or desire for more. And so the first sorceress concocted a plan to make dice of her own. But so lovely were these dice that she could not keep them all to herself. For a dreadful curse had come upon her, that she would not be happy until all had seen the wonderful beauty of her dice. In despair, she reached out to her fellow enchantress, who concocted a plan to share their dice with the world. While the first enchantress would make the wonderful dice, the second would spread the word of the collection far and wide.   So came about the Raven & Riddle Fairytale Collection! These marvelous dice are inspired by fairytales and folktales the entire world round, from France, to Norway, from West Africa to India, and China and Japan. Your familiar favorites are mixed in with some you may never have heard before, but old or new, we believe you will find these dice stunning snd well crafted. So dive into our tales of wonder and feast your eyes on the treasures below.

Dice For All 2 Pride Flag Dice Up On Kickstarter

Last year, Foam Brain Games was excited to be able to produce the first ever line of metal pride dice, and the reception was amazing! Late last year we came up with a really cool new idea for resin pride dice, so we're back with Dice For All 2! In addition to our brand new dice sets, our artist Kayla has come up with an awesome set of enamel pins based on D&D alignments, and we have several other amazing add-ons as well.

Each set of Dice For All resin dice includes 7 dice (a D4, D6, D8, D10, D1%, D12 and D20), each of which has small clay flags embedded into it. These inclusions don't significantly affect the weight or rolling ability, look fantastic, and let you show off your pride everywhere! By using resin for this campaign, we're able to produce dice that are clear and filled with great inclusions. This means these dice will last and let you show off your pride flag at the gaming table for years to come!

We're also producing 9 alignment pins for each pride flag style. Each pin is 1.5" and hard enamel, with 2 posts on the back. Great for putting on your bag or displaying on your wall, show everyone your pride flag and alignment!