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Midweek Snippets

I started this morning cooking... I don't know what. I had meant to make a couple different recipes over the last couple days and things fell through for various reasons. So, I started cooking this morning with no real goal in mind besides, "hopefully something edible." It's in the slow cooker now. We'll see what comes out this evening. But while I wonder if that culinary experiment will be edible, I can nibble on some bite-sized gaming stories to tide me over. Today on the platter we have:

Klec Polyhedral Dice Up On Kickstarter

KLEC is a set of Metal dice set Inspired by a cage jail. Its concept and design are based on a standard polyhedral dice, with extended frame support to give it a highly appealing caged look.

The dice are made with Copper Metal, as a one-piece structure, without using any kind of adhesive, so it is incredibly robust. Just like our other productions, this is set to become an authentic collector’s item and is truly unique in its design and construction.

Adventurer's Curated Dice Collection Up On Kickstarter

Long ago, in a distant land, it was decided by persons unknown that a set of RPG Dice should have exactly 7 polyhedrals in it. No more, no less. The restrictions of early gaming and manufacturing have created a legacy, but evolution is a constant process. We live in a time where gamers no longer need the 7 die set - in fact, characters are now so unique, that finding two who require the same dice palette is a challenge. 

Now is the time for change.

Now is the time for a world where adventurers forge their own destinies, with their own unique tools and powers.

Gamer's Chest Game Organizer Up On Kickstarter

Gamer's Chest is a unique modular system from Be Wood that will help you organize and improve any board game

PolyHero Dice Sets Up On Kickstarter

We've upgraded our process since our previous campaigns and invested in the physical molds prior to launching this campaign. The images of the dice you'll see here are photos of actual samples from the factory. This means that once the campaign funds and the pledge manager is complete, we can move directly into production. The colors of the images you see here will vary based on your computer monitor, lighting, and other factors, but this should give you a better sense of how the dice will appear in reality since these are pictures of the actual dice!

Elemental Dice Sets Up On Kickstarter

LadyDM is a co-owned husband and wife business that has been handcrafting dice for the last two years. Through constant innovation, we have streamlined our process to produce a product we are proud to share with the world! 

The dice in this Kickstarter are themed and inspired by elements, seasons, and nature itself. These dice are created with epoxy resin and are divided into two opaque or transparent colors. Metallic gold foil leaf has been delicately inlayed into the top layer of each die. 

While dice making can be quite challenging, the love and support we found within this community has been tremendous. Learning and innovating together has become so important to us that we strive to give back to that community as much as possible. We firmly believe that if creators help and support each other they and the consumer can only benefit.