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Midweek Snippets

Halfway back to the weekend already. And I know a lot of people are having a busy time of things lately, having a lot of end-of-year things to prep for. If you're going to get through it all, you should refuel with some tasty treats, and we've got some tasty bite-sized gaming stories for you here. Today on the platter we have:

New Weapons Available From Puppets War

If regular guns are not enough try heavier version, two new weapons just hit the store.

A Magical Wizards Christmas Crowdfunding Campaign Running Now By Raging Heroes

What if you and your family could spend Christmas in a Wizards’ School?

 What if you could own and gift a Wizards’ arcane artefacts?

   What if you could trim your house with all manners of enchanted ornaments?

     What if you could metamorphose your table with food fit for a magical feast?

       And what if you could cast a spell on your 3D printer and print all the enchanted artefacts, curiosities, gifts, and miniatures that Wizards usually keep for themselves?

   Well, now you can!

Brought to you by Raging Heroes and its very own Heroes Infinite crew (on!

Files come supported AND unsupported and under license. As per our terms and conditions, files cannot be resold nor can they be used to print items to be resold. Items need to be 3D printed and decorated, some may require assembly.

When you pledge, your commitment is immediate: payment is taken immediately, NOT at the end of the campaign.

New Skullsplitter Dice Up On Kickstarter

HAIL ADVENTURERS! We invite you to join us on this journey and help us bring these beauties to life!

Based on feedback from our last Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to create 10 Frosted/Matte versions of these beautiful 11-piece polyhedral dice sets for 2020!

These dice sets have a frosted/matte finish and are not shiny like most dice sets out there! These are not handmade dice and the clumping of the foil inclusions makes each of one of these as unique as a snowflake.

Each of the colors for these new dice sets has been carefully handpicked and each dice set features foil inclusions and shimmer glitter that create a magical appearance in the light and feature our SkullSplitter Double Axe Logo on the 20 positions of the D20s.