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Midweek Snippets

Middle of the week already? Sounds good to me. I'm always a fan of weekends. So, getting there quickly is nice. But, if we're going to keep up this pace, we should probably snack on something. Some bite-sized gaming stories would be nice. And that's exactly what we have here. Today on the platter, there's:

One Page Rules Launches Print On Demand Service

Always wanted to get your hands on our models but don't have a 3D printer?

Now you can get them printed and delivered at your door!

OPR has partnered up with PPSAZ in order to get our models printed for you at the cheapest price possible. Get high quality prints for a fraction of the price that it would cost you at other print-on-demand services!

Here is how it works:

That's it, now you can just sit back and wait for your new models to be delivered!

Note that this is a US-based printer, so you should contact them directly to sort out how international shipping to you works:

More Undead Halflings Available From TTCombat

It’s coffee time! I mean, Halfling time! Easy to get those confused.

This week we have the second half of our Undead Halflings. Just in time for Hallowe’en!

And it’s not just heroes, we have ANOTHER full army box as well!

Black Friday Sale Happening All November at Kraken Dice

Kraken's Black Friday Sale has grown from one week to nearly a whole month. With almost every 14pc dice set on sale for just $14, these prices are some of the lowest we have ever had. Doorbuster deals are limited in supply, so don't miss out on the best prices of the year!